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YADA (Yet Another Digital Artist)

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YADA (Yet Another Digital Artist)


About Me

The artist trapped in a programmer's body.
I'm a self-taught digital artist. I started out in the 80's using a Commodore 128 and then migrated to PC's. It seems like ages ago now and digital art has come a long way.
While I was working on becoming a proficient programmer, my love affair with digital artistry waivered.
Then PC's finally had the capacity to handle high resolution images and sophisticated 3D modeling. I threw myself back into 3D modeling and photo manipulation. I found software like Maya, Manga Studio, Corel Painter which fueled my imagination.
I started working on animation projects and inking comics soon after.
I still have a long way to go but I'm enjoying the ride.

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Rene Trevino

Paul Frey lives with his partner, Rene Trevino, in Baltimore, MD. Rene is a very successful traditional media artist. He's represented by the Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore, MD.

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